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Apr 20 2012
Nad's April Featured Bloggers - Thanks for the product reviews!!!

Hi everyone, meet this month's Nad's featured bloggers:  Lori of Random Rumblings of a Stay at Home Mum, Emily of Arizona Spa Girl, Candice of Fashionably Organized, Laalaa of Dolce Vanity and Vanessa of NessaHead.

Nad's would like to say "Thanks Heaps!!!" for the great Nad's product reviews.

It's makes our job worthwhile knowing that our consumers are happy with our products.  We take great effort in creating our hair removal products that it is always heartwarming to receive great feedback from our consumers :)

April Featured Bloggers (2012) - Thanks for the Nad's Product Reviews!!!

1. Lori -   "The Brow Wax" -  Random Rumblings of a Stay at Home Mum 

We met Lori at the Blogger's BBQ organized by Kids Business.  She had her first ever eyebrow wax in the Nad's booth!  Watch her video blog documenting her "Wow Brow" experience using the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper.

2. Emily Couch - "Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper: Brow Wow!" -  Arizona Spa Girls  (USA)

"We have quite possibly stumbled upon the most amazing product ever...

The great people at Nad’s must have realized this was a national crisis because they have created an at-home eyebrow shaping kit that is truly incredible. Normally I would air on the side of caution when the words “hair removal” and “at-home kit” are present in the same sentence; however, the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper kit is the exception...

I found it very simple to shape my eyebrows just the way I like them without the complexity and time involved with tweezing, which is normally my fallback plan when I stumble upon an emergency brow situation."

3. Candice - Nad’s Eyebrow Waxing – in 10 Minutes - Fashionably Organized  (USA)

"It’s no secret that money is very tight in my house, so giving up things like getting my eyebrows waxed has been hard, but necessary. I got the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper (@Nads), and was sceptical at first because I was afraid of doing my own at home wax. However, the other morning I took a look at the furry things above my eyes, and knew it was time to take a stand...

It was so much easier than I thought. I did it in 10 minutes, and realized I waited too long when I looked at the waxing strip and the hair I was able to remove. Yes, I still had to use a tweezer to fine tune, but I didn’t have to tweeze everything. What could be better then that?"

4. Laalaa - Nad's Products - Facial Wax Strips and Ingrow Solution -  Dolce Vanity  (UK)

"Honestly I never knew about Nad's until April when I was in London for my birthday & my friend Leila introduced me to the 'best wax strips' that she has ever used. Intrigued I picked up the 'Facial Wax Strips' { pack of 20 }

I must say for upper lip hair and eyebrows - perfect. Easy, clean and if it's done right you honestly should have no problems at all...

I did notice their 'Ingrown Hairs Solution' now I do suffer from ingrown hairs and bumps when it comes to the bikini line ... after a few days and the hairs start to come back it's such a pain in the backside.

No matter what I do or technique it seems to be destined so I started to use this after my last touch-up so far not so bad..."

5. Vanessa -  Review: Nad's Facial Wand  -  (US)

"Okay, so the brand name sounds funny. But this product is great! You turn the base and a little bit comes out, warms and becomes spreadable from your body heat, and the applicator moves it exactly where it needs to go. Slap on a supplied linen strip, smooth with an index finger, rip off with confidence, and you’re happily hair-free.

It’s around $10 and will work for around four sessions of eyebrows (top and bottom) and upper lip — cheaper than one waxing session at your local nail shop and much cheaper (I’d imagine) than a trip to one of those ridiculous-sounding “eyebrow salons.”

Have you read about Nad's in your favorite blog?  Nominate your favorite blogger to be featured in next month's featured bloggers by leaving a comment below. 

Photo Source:  Flickr - Lauren Manning





Laalaa Monroe commented on 22-Apr-2012 08:05 AM
Aw, thanks ever so much for appreciating and sharing the review :)
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