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5 Things to know before waxing legs at home with Nat | Nad's Hair Removal Products

5 things to know before waxing legs at home with Nat

5 things to know before waxing legs at home with Nat | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Trying to find the right tips and tricks when it comes to waxing at home can sometimes get a bit, well… hairy.

Luckily, as the Nad’s Brand Ambassador, I know a thing or two when it comes to hair removal! Check out my top 5 tips before waxing your legs to make your at home wax experience smooth sailing!

1. Clean your skin

To prepare for waxing your legs, always make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any moisturiser or oils. I always recommend cleaning the area with a non-moisturising soap and water first (we provide Nad’s Cleansing Wipes in some of our wax products, which help clean and prep the skin), then dry the skin completely before waxing. Steer away from using oils or lotions before a wax as a wax adheres best to the skin when these products aren’t on the skin.

2. Exfoliate

It’s essential you exfoliate first.

Why? Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and dirt off, clearing the way for the wax to really grip the unwanted hair and remove it effectively and thoroughly. What’s more, it is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs from appearing. Exfoliation also ensures a smoother-than-smooth result by boosting skin circulation, supporting cell regeneration and improving skin tone. And if you’re tanning for summer, exfoliating and waxing prior to applying a tan will ensure a smoother, streak-free golden glow.

3. Wax on / Wax off

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to pull the wax off in the wrong direction. You must apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and pull the strip back in the opposite direction of hair growth. Another point to keep in mind when pulling the strip off to make waxing less painful on your legs is to ensure you hold the skin taut with your other hand when pulling the strip back. Doing this quickly and as close and parallel to the skin as possible will help to minimise discomfort and prevent bruising.

5 things to know before waxing at home } Waxing Direction

4. Hair length

If you are planning to wax, try to avoid shaving for at least one week. I recommend growing your leg hair out to 2-5mm before your wax session for better adhesion of the wax to the hair.

5 things to know before waxing at home | Waxing Length

5. Avoid waxing during your period

Avoid waxing sensitive areas just before or during menstruation. Because the body is more sensitive and tender during this time, and it is best to avoid waxing as your pain threshold generally drops at this period.

At Nad’s, we offer a range of hair removal wax options to suit your personal hair removal needs, from our Nad’s Body Wax Strips, Facial Wax products to our Wax Tubs, we’ve got you covered so you’ll be sure to find a wax that’s right for you!

Natalie Ismiel - Author | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Natalie Ismiel | Author

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