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Common eyebrow shaping problems – How to fix them!

Common eyebrow shaping problems – How to fix them! | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

If you are looking for eye-catching eyebrows, the unique Nad's Hair Removal Precision Eyebrow Wax Wand is the easiest way to remove unwanted facial hair and get salon quality results at home.
Nad's Hair Removal Precision Eyebrow Wax Wand product packaging

Eyebrow Problem: You have no arch.
Nad's Tip: Follow your natural shape, prevent ingrown hairs and maintain precision.
Use the natural space between your eyebrows and eyelid to determine the shape your brow should take.

Eyebrow Problem: Your eyebrows are too short, patchy, or over plucked
Nad's Tip:  Pencil them in until you grow them out again. Don't panic if you've accidently gone too far, use a pencil that matches your hair colour to fill in the gaps. But be careful not to press too hard as eyebrows that are too dark for your skin tone can give a harsh look to your whole face.

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