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Meet Nad’s New Hair Removal Product for Faster Waxing - Extra Long Wax Strips!

Meet Nad’s New Hair Removal Product for Faster Waxing!

Meet Nad’s New Hair Removal Product for Faster Waxing! | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

We’re super excited to share our latest innovative creation with you!

We’ve gone real BIG this time with our World First Extra Large Wax Strips! Yes, XL STRIPS, so you’ll be done with your ‘wax on/ wax off’ in no time!

Nadine, Head of Product Development at Nad’s came about the idea for the Extra Large Wax Strips based on a memorable moment her inspirational mother, and Founder of Nad’s, Sue Ismiel made back in 2005. Sue broke the Guinness World Record for the number of legs waxed in an hour by using quite a large strip to achieve the winning record!

Fast forward 20 years, and this inspiring moment came back to Nadine… the world’s first Extra Long Wax Strip was born!

“With today’s society being so time poor, we thought it would be great to cut the waxing time by half, and so decided to create a double sided, extra long strip with the intention to achieve that goal”
Nadine - Ismiel Nash.

Nad’s Hair Removal Strawberries & Cream Extra Long Wax Strips are twice the length of a regular strip. This design is perfect for large areas of the body, especially legs & arms, meaning you'll have smooth skin in a lot less time - to be exact double the strip size means HALF the waxing time*! Yas! 🙌

Nad's Hair Removal Strawberries and Cream Extra Long Waxing Strips

Each strip contains a 'No Rub' Wax Formula, which means the strip does not require rubbing or warming, making your waxing experience even faster, smoother, and leaving you with more time to do the things you love!

The strips are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and will have you looking and feeling smooth for up to 5 weeks! And of course, our XL Wax Strips are also Peta Cruelty-Free & Vegan.

These new waxing strips come in a unique cylinder packaging ( super cute💕 ) that is completely re-usable. Each contains 20 x Extra Long Body Wax Strips (10 Double Sided) and 4 x Post Calming Oil Wipes.

Now let’s talk ingredients! Our new strips contain many beautiful ingredients that are gentle on skin, including Shea Butter and Vitamin E. These nourishing ingredients, together with oils including Soybean and Castor Seed Oil create a formula that is effective in removing hair by the root, even short, coarse hairs!

Let’s not forget about the sweetness of the gorgeous Strawberries & Cream scent! Now this will make your waxing experience even more pleasurable.

Nad's Hair Removal Strawberries and Cream Extra Long Waxing Strips

The skin care benefits of this exciting product come into play with the Post Wax Calming Oil Wipes (included in the pack), which help calm and soothe the skin and also remove any wax residue which may be left on the skin. These ingredients include Vitamin E, Calendula and Bisobolol, a beautiful ingredient, known for its skin soothing and calming properties.

Ready to cut your waxing time in half?

We LOVE our new Nad’s XL Wax Strips and we know you will too! Ready to cut your waxing time in half? Click here to learn more.

*when compared with our regular size wax strips

Natalie Ismiel - Author | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Natalie Ismiel | Author

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