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Nad’s Nose Wax – Who “knows” who will be next?

Nad’s Nose Wax – Who “knows” who will be next?

Nad’s Nose Wax – Who “knows” who will be next?  | Nad's Hair Removal Blog
Sue Ismiel is on the road celebrating the launch of her new Nad's Nose wax, beautifying our radio hosts one at a time!

So far radio hosts Jonesy and Amanda from the popular WSFM 101.7 Radio show in Sydney and Liam and Robbie from Brisbane radio show 96.5 have had the pleasure of feeling the specifically formulated warm wax up their noses!

Who will be next???...stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and blog pages to find out!
WSFM Radio Hosts Jonesy and Amanda with Nad's Nose Wax in their nostrils standing with Sue Ismiel
With WSFM- 101.7 Radio Hosts (from left) Jonesy and Amanda.

Brisbane Family 96.5 Radio Hosts Liam Renton & Robbie Parkin using Nad's Nose Wax next to Sue Ismiel
With Brisbane Family 96.5 Radio Hosts - (from left) Liam Renton and Robbie Parkin.

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