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Nose Hair Removal Cream up the nose? NO! NO!

Nose Hair Removal Cream up the nose? NO! NO!

Nose Hair Removal Cream up the nose? NO! NO!  | Nad's Hair Removal Blog
Nose Hair Removal Cream up the nose? NO! NO!

Here at Nad’s we not only develop products that achieve the ultimate goal of hair removal but we also ensure the safety of our customers using our products.

“You will need to find an effective, natural depilatory designed to be odour-free and safe for sensitive areas in order to remove your nose hair”. - Published on ehow.com

There is no nose hair removal cream on the market that is both safe and effective for consumers to use. (If it was...we would have developed it!)

Nose Hair Removal Cream up the Nose. No! No!

In lieu of this, Sue Ismiel (CEO and Inventor of Nad’s Hair Removal Products) developed Nad’s Nose Wax with a unique SafeTip applicator to ensure the safe removal of nose hair with no strips, no mess and no fuss!

Find out where to buy Nad’s Nose Wax here.

Nad's Hair Removal Nose Wax for Men and Women

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