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Sugar Waxing: 5 Reasons it’s our Go-to Hair Remover

Sugar Waxing: 5 Reasons it’s our Go-to Hair Remover

Sugar Waxing: 5 Reasons it’s our Go-to Hair Remover | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

When it comes to hair removal, everyone has a weapon of choice for conquering unwanted hair at home. But with so many options out there, it’s possible to find a product that is going to deliver more benefits than just removing hair.

From natural ingredients, to mess-free application, Nad's Natural Sugar Wax checks so many of the must-haves we look for in beauty products and that is why it is our new go-to. Here are some of our favourite benefits of sugar waxing.

Top 5 Benefits of Sugar-Waxing for Hair Removal

  1. Eco-friendly.

    We love skin products that not only give us results but are contributing to a larger cause. Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax helps us care for the planet by using only a few, naturally derived ingredients that are plant-based. This wax is cruelty-free, meaning it is only tested on humans and never on animals. It also comes with re-usable cotton wax strips that can be washed for future sugar waxing sessions, making it easy to recycle and eliminate waste.
  2. Loves skin.

    Its natural ingredients are not only eco-friendly, but are gentler on your skin, too. Nad’s Natural Sugar wax uses primarily lemon and sugar to create a fast hair remover that is just as effective as regular wax, but also helps to exfoliate for softer results. It doesn't contain any synthetic fragrances or colours, making it hypo-allergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.
  3. Not as messy.

    Sugar waxing is often confused with body sugaring, but there are a few differences in sugaring vs. waxing. Sugaring is an ancient hair removal method that spreads a sugar-based substance throughout the skin to remove hair. While body sugaring has gained popularity in salons, it is not as great for DIY waxing because it’s harder and messier to apply. We love that Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax can be easily applied using a spatula and removed with cotton wax strips, which means less mess on your hands and counters.
  4. Mistake-proof.

    One of the scary things about waxing at home is the thought of removing too much hair, especially for shaping eyebrows or bikini waxes. Sugar wax is a lifesaver for home waxing, as the formula can be easily removed with water when you think you’ve accidentally applied too much or put it on the wrong places. This is not the case when using other hair removal products like tweezing and hair removal creams.
  5. Lasts long.

    Shaving your hair may seem like the easy way out, but sugar wax comes through with longer-lasting results (not to mention less ingrown hairs). Sugar waxing grabs the hair from the root, which means it will take longer for hair to re-appear on the skin’s surface. While it does not remove hairs permanently, results last up to 8 weeks and hair begins to grow back less coarsely.
Nad's Natural Sugar Wax open container, smear of wax, pre-wax cleansing soap, and wooden applicators

An earth-friendly, easy to use wax with long-lasting results? What more can we ask for?

Check out where to buy Nad's Natural Sugar Wax and try for yourself.

Natalie Ismiel - Author | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Natalie Ismiel | Author

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