The Serenity Prayer - my daily mantra (and your free download!)

The Serenity Prayer - my daily mantra (and your free download!) | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

The Serenity Prayer Free Download

I am a born problem solver. My business, my charity work, my yoga and meditation... they've come all about from my need to solve problems. So what does a born problem solver do when there are things outside her control and they're absolutely breaking her heart?

You may have found yourself in a similar place over the last few weeks. Over and above the news of war and terror that seems to have become so commonplace in our world, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc in Vanuatu, Chilli Nepal and at home here in Australia, claiming many lives and upending the lives of those left behind to pick up the pieces. What does one do? We give what we can and pray and love and hope. But the feeling of utter helplessness for many of us can be all-consuming.

I suspect at this point you might be thinking that I've discovered the answer. For me the answer would need to be a way to halt war and vioence, end poverty and suffering

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