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Nat's Go To Cruelty Free Product Faves

Nat's Go To Cruelty Free Product Faves | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

At Nad’s we take pride in testing on our skin, not animals! 🐇 Along with Nad’s, here are a few of my fave cruelty-free beauty products. 💗

Australian Native Botanicals

My hair, like many women out there, is chemically treated and so keeping it nourished and healthy is extremely important!

Inspired by the Australian Outback, Australian Native Botanicals has an Intensive Care Shampoo & Conditioner with Kakadu Plum & Wild Rosella Flower 🌺 and it smells as good as it sounds!

What I love most about these products is that they are not only cruelty-free but free from harsh ingredients, 100% vegan and gluten free.

"It’s a nice feeling when I can care for my hair and the environment all at the same time..."

Easy as 1, 2, 3… treat, repair and protect:
Australian Native Botanicals Sulfate Free Intensive Care Strengthening Shampoo


One of my ultimate relaxation ways is to light up some candles and unwind in a hot bath. I love to use my favourite LUSH bath bomb and simply soak away any stresses from the day.

"LUSH not only fights animal testing but all products are hand-made and 100% vegetarian!"

LUSH not only fights animal testing but all products are hand-made and 100% vegetarian! Their cool and colourful range also makes it difficult to decide which bath bomb to buy.

Check out their website to see what I mean :-):
Lush Bath Bombs

Thank You

"No. Thank you!"

Thank you is a social enterprise that commits 100% of their profits to ending global poverty. Together, Thank You have given $5.8 million to fund water access, sanitation and hygiene and have empowered 785,000 people around the world.

Not only do I love the simple and stylish look of my hand wash in my bathroom, but the aroma of the zesty orange and almond is divine. The wash leaves your hands feeling clean and nourished in no time and best of all the bottle helps get safe water and toilets to empower people in need.
Thank You Botanical Sweet Orange Almond Hand Wash

Nad’s Hair Removal

Mum started Nad’s out of love and determination to solve my unwanted hair problem over 26 years ago and she made sure the love was passed onto our furry friends too, hence Nad’s products are only ever tested on our furry bodies (well... more so my work colleagues these days🙊😂).

"Nad's Hair Removal products are only ever tested on our furry bodies..."

Over the many years working for our family business I have tried and tested our complete Nad’s range. However, I’d have to say my two faves and most commonly used Nad’s products would be the Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper which allows me to naturally sculpt and shape my brows to perfection at home every-time and our Nad's Hair Removal Ultra Smoothing Exfoliating Wax Strips. These strips are ideal when I’m on the run and need a quick last-minute touch up. Best of all, I can use the exfoliating surface of the strips between my waxes to keep my skin super smooth and soft!

Natalie Ismiel - Author | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Natalie Ismiel

Natalie Ismiel is the Beauty Expert and Brand Ambassador for Nad’s; a 100% family and woman owned business in Australia. Natalie wants to encourage and inspire women to look good and feel great, she also hopes to give women the confidence to achieve salon results at home.

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