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SHAVING vs WAXING - Why women should choose waxing!

SHAVING vs WAXING - Why women should choose waxing! | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Earlier this week we set out a poll on our Facebook page asking our loyal fan base which of the two options, shaving or waxing, they performed on their bodies. Alarmingly the results showed that most women do a combination of the two!

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Now I’m guessing in most cases this falls largely on the “I have no time to wax” factor and “I just need to get out the door, I’m running late for…” factor, but what we’re forgetting here is, are we undoing the good doing that waxing does for us when we shave? (Now there’s a great tongue twister!) The answer is YES!

So before you pick up that shaver again have a read of the PRO’s and CON’s of the two.


  • Skin is smoother for longer; when waxing, hair is pulled from the root, meaning longer times between waxing
  • Waxing is cheaper than purchasing expensive razors regularly (especially if you use our range of Nad's at home waxing kits)
  • When waxing, you'll avoid dark discolouration to your skin that is caused when shaving continuously with harsh razors


  • Can be painful depending on your pain threshold but hey...Brave it, don't shave it!


  • It's relatively painless HOWEVER what about when you get razor cuts!


  • Hair is not pulled from the root - by the time you finish shaving, it's time to start shaving all over again!
  • Razors are harsher on the skin, with regular strokes from a razor you are removing fine layers of skin, making your skin dry much quicker
  • Razors can cut you (especially if you're in a rush!)

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Natalie Ismiel - Author | Nad's Hair Removal Blog

Natalie Ismiel | Author

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